Hi! I'm Mariana, a child and teen clinical psychologist. In addition to this, I'm a play therapist in training, writer, public speaker, and educator. Read more about my story here. 

About Me

Photo by Susana Aramburú/PTYOLOGY

Photo by Susana Aramburú/PTYOLOGY


I received my degree as a psychologist (2012) and specialization in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (2018) from Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua (USMA) in Panama. 

My story as a psychologist starts in 2012, when I worked as a psychology assistant, where I learned the art of assessment, diagnosis, and designing psychotherapeutic treatment for children and teenagers. I also worked closely with parents, to help them unlock their tools to raise emotionally healthier children. 

After almost three wonderful learning years, I ventured into the world of educational psychology. I worked at the International School of Panama (ISP) as middle school's learning support specialist. During my time here, I worked with pre-teens in both ends of the spectrum: with learning difficulties, as well as those with enrichment possibilities. 

My passion for psychology and education came together when I worked as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology for my alma mater. I've also worked in the private practice offering psycho-educational assessments, as well as therapy to children, teens, and parents. 


I currently write for a variety of online publications which include Psychology Today, Psych Central, Tonic by VICE, Ravishly, Hello Giggles, among others. I specialize in a wide range of themes and topics which include: mental health, parenting, and feminism - usually, crafting pieces where all of these meet. 

In addition to this, I develop workshops, seminars, and talks for parents and schools about a variety of topics of child and teen psychology.

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I write about a variety of topics which include:

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Here are some of the articles, podcasts and interviews I’ve contributed for.

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