Mental health can be as much preventive as it is corrective. 


My work philosophy

I work under a model called "integrative". Which means, I use a variety of techniques and theories that meet the needs of my patients. 

The first appointment is with the parents and from there on out, I work with children and/or teens individually. All confidentiality terms will be discussed throughout that first session. 

In addition to my integrative model, I also work with a feminist perspective. This means I advocate for equality in the playroom. I don't give into gender roles in play, and the purpose of toys and materials are to enrich the inner world of my patients. 


Services in psychotherapy: 

psychological evaluations

  • Holistic evaluations (emotional, neuropsychological, reading + writing, developmental) for children and teens (3-18 yo) 
  • Full psychological report for parents and teachers, respectively. 
  • A meeting with parents is schedules prior and after the assessment. 
  • 4-7 sessions. 
  • In person. 

parental training

  • Psychoeducation for parents seeking a guide on how to develop better parenting styles.
  • Beneficial for parents who are having communication difficulties, or are preparing for a transition.
  • In person and/or online.

psychotherapy services for children and teens who struggle with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body image issues
  • Self-esteem 
  • Difficulty expression negative emotions 
  • Difficulty adjusting to change (new school, birth of a sibling, separation or divorce, grief or bereavement, among others).
  • Social skills
  • Bullying and/or cyberbullying 
  • Difficulty in emotional regulation 
  • Difficulty communicating 
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Lack of motivation