As a feminist therapist, I focus my efforts on making this world a more equal and fair place for us, especially because –as women– we are victims of a patriarchal society that benefits from our oppression and existing inequality.

As part of my framework, I write and provide resources to help address this.



I’ve written several articles for women, which include:

7 Signs You’ve Outgrown Someone In Your Life - Psychology Today

Loving Your UnInstagrammable Life - Psychology Today

How To Achieve a Feminist Perspective on Money - Psychology Today

The Emotional Aftermath of Speaking Out - Psychology Today

All of the incredible things the happened to me after I became part of a feminist community - Hello Giggles

For my full writing portfolio, click here.


to listen

I’m available to speak at schools and organizations about a variety of feminist issues which include, but are not limited to:

-Toxic masculinity

-How to prevent gender violence

-Feminist parenting

Among others. Contact me here to discuss a topic that best suits your needs.



Do you need a safe space to talk about your anger and frustration with the way society works?

As a psychotherapist with a feminist perspective, I can help you work through these issues from an integrative perspective.

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