This is just a list of selected workshops, we are always open to develop a lecture and workshop to meet your specific needs. We provide workshops, lectures and seminars for a variety of audiences which include: parents, teachers, psychology students, children + teens, companies, among others. All workshops are offered in both English and Spanish. 

Got an idea? Email it at to see how we can accommodate your needs. 

for children & teens: 

Body Confidence Workshop

  • What? A workshop crafted to develop a healthy body image among the participants. 
  • Who? 12 yo and up. Particularly beneficial for those in disciplines that involve their bodies (dancing, skating, gymnastics, athletes, etc). Can also be offered to mothers and daughters. 
  • Why? It's important for children to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies. Not only does this boost their self-esteem, but it also helps them develop healthier relationships with others.  

Let's Talk About Cyberbullying

  • What? A lecture developed to explain the roles that each person can play in a bullying situation, how to prevent it and helpful tips to become upstanders.
  • Who? Children of all ages. 
  • Why? We live in a digital era and, as such, our children and teens are become more digitally adept. This means more opportunities, but also more risks - one of them being the exposure to cyberbullying.

Let's Talk About Puberty 

  • What? A workshop created for preteens, with the objective to open the space and talk about the emotional, physical and social changes that puberty brings.
  • Who? 11-13 yo.
  • Why? Puberty is such a complex and important stage in human development, it's important for preteens to understand and receive adequate guidance.

for parents: 

Digital Safety: How to Protect Your Child Online  

  • What? A lecture for parents with the objective to talk about the importance of digital safety.
  • Who? Parents of children of all ages. 
  • Why? Technology is here to stay. There's no going back now, all we can do is learn how to adapt to it. This lecture has the objective to teach parents how to create a balance when using technology. Everything from the quantity to the quality of digital use amongs their children. 

The Teenage Years: Opportunities + Challenges 

  • What? A lecture for parents in which we cover the teenage brain, the challenges of raising a teenager in the digital era, the importance of limit setting and helpful tips for opening a healthy conversation between parents and teens. 
  • Who? Parents of teenagers (teens are welcome to join, as well). 
  • Why? Adolescence is a difficult stage, as it requires a firm hand but an open heart. This lecture has the objective to teach parents how to achieve this fine balance between the two. 

Adolescence: Romantic Love, Sexuality and Social Media 

  • What? A lecture for parents in which we cover how to talk about sexuality to their teenagers and the perils of social media. We cover the importance of digital safety and how to talk about sexual consent. 
  • Who? Parents of teenagers (teens are welcome to join, as well). 
  • Why? Sexuality is an ongoing conversation that parents should have with their children, but becomes particularly crucial when they reach their teenage years. 

for psychology students & mental health professionals: 

Introduction to Play Therapy

  • What? A workshop to cover the basic foundations of play therapy. 
  • Who? Psychology students in their sophmore + senior year, and mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents. 
  • Why? Play is the natural language of children. As such, mental health professionals who work with children and teenagers should know the basics of play therapy and the therapeutic powers of play. 

What Happens Now? 

  • What? A workshop to talk about the possible options after studying psychology. 
  • Who? Psychology students. 
  • Why? You will oficially become a psychologist. Congratulations! Now what? With so many fields in psychology and potential options, it can quickly become overwhelming for psychology students to choose what's next in their career. This workshop helps cover the basics of what they can do, as well as open the space to talk about that beginner anxiety. 

Being a Mental Health Professional in the Digital Era

  • What? A lecture for psychologists on the pros and cons of being a mental health professional in the digital era. 
  • Who? Psychology students and mental health professionals. 
  • Why? The old rules of psychologists neutrality don't apply anymore. We are living in the era where your digital footprint can have a voice, too. This lecture is to teach other professionals how to establish a digital persona, while also being able to set clear boundaries with your personal and professional life. 

for the workplace

Side-Hustles as a Mental Health Booster 

  • What? A lecture to show people how to unlock the mental health benefits of side-hustles. 
  • Who? Employees. 
  • Why? Long gone are the days where our main job has to be our only source of happiness and passion. This lecture is to show employees how they can take back the responsibility for their happiness through a side job that meets their particular passion.