This is just a list of selected workshops, we are always open to develop a lecture and workshop to meet your specific needs. We provide workshops, lectures and seminars for a variety of audiences which include: parents, teachers, psychology students, children + teens, companies, among others. All workshops are offered in both English and Spanish. 

Got an idea? Email it at to see how we can accommodate your needs. 

For children & teens: 

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You can build your group of participants (min 8), get in touch with me, and we can offer the lecture and or workshop you're interested in. 

For Parents

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Can be provided in companies and schools as a special workshop for parents. 

For Psychology Students + Mental Health Professionals

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Offered as a part of a conference in Universities or centers that help form mental health professionals. Or, you can create a group with your colleagues or classmates (min 8 people), contact me, and we can take it on from there. In person or online.